Health Tests
All of our adults have either Pennhip, OFA, or OVC (Canadian version of OFA) screening of  hips and elbows. Hearts are certified by a vet cardiologist, and all have been DNA tested for cystinuria or are cystinuria cleared by parentage. (Neither parent is a carrier.)

Cystinuria is a genetic kidney disease transmitted by inheriting a recessive gene from both parents. A Newfoundland cannot get cystinuria unless both parents carry the gene. It is imperative that breeders know the status of their dogs, whether clear or carriers, to prevent this disease.

Our puppies are taken to the vet at seven weeks of age for a thorough health/heart screening before being placed with new owners. 
They will be up to date on 
deworming and vaccinations.

For information about PennHIP, OFA, or OVC testing click the above links.