These are a few of the pictures sent to us
from our puppy families.

Thank you to all who keep in touch.
Rico is a "famous" therapy dog in Texas. He has been in the news several times. He shares his love at hospitals, nursing homes, charity marches-- you name it.
His father is Sox.
Libby lives in Kansas.
Her parents are Abby and Sox.
She is one of the few landseers raised here.
Ahhh! I' m in heaven!
A Kate/Bruno female at 4 months old
Solomon lives in Illinois.
A Kate/Bruno male
Sampson now has his therapy
dog certification.
This is the badge picture with his owner.
He lives in Florida. A Kate/Bruno offspring
This is Magnus. He is one year old here.
He lives nearby in Ozark, MO. An Angel/Gus pup.
The Kessler family with Galahad, Sox' s gray son
Thank you to the Newcomers for this picture of Bear, a son of Dora and Gus at 3.5 months old.
Eva lives with the Jones family in Overland Park, Kansas.  She is one year old here. She is a Kate/Bruno puppy and sister to our Bonnie.
Thank you Larry for this gorgeous picture of Satch at a little over one year old,
a Kate/Bruno puppy.
Thank you to the Clarks in Alabama for sending this picture of Jake, an 11-month-old puppy out of
Rosie/Grizzy litter, 2007 and brother of our Kasie.
This is a Halo/Webster puppy at home with the Bilka family in Texas.
Hudson, as a pup training for water rescue, lives with his family ,the Valleys, in New York.
He is a 2007 Rosie/Grizzy puppy.
Thank you to the Newcomers for another picture of Bear at one year old. Son of Dora/Gus.
Thank you, Lyn for the lovely pictures of Truffles.
Truffles is a therapy dog in Colorado with Lyn Esbenson.
She is a littermate of our Bonnie.
Another picture of Truffles
Thank you Christy for the sweet picture of Blossom. She is a littermate to our Maggie. 1year& 7 months here.